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October is Free Wills Month!

Free Wills Month happens every October and March, allowing those aged 55 and over to get a solicitor-drafted (or updated) will for free – though it's hoped you'll leave something to charity. Hundreds of solicitors' firms across the UK and numerous charities take part, though different areas participate in different months:

  • This October, people in North and Mid Wales, Chester, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and Shropshire can take part, but this list isn't exhaustive.

While appointments don't open for booking until Friday 1 October, you can register your interest on the Free Wills website, which means you'll get a notification when bookings open. Once they're open, don't delay, as slots go fast. Here's how to do it:

  • Enter your postcode on the Free Wills Month website to find your nearest participating solicitor who has availability.

  • Contact the solicitor to arrange an appointment, and mention the Free Wills Month scheme. Due to the pandemic, most solicitors are offering video call and phone call appointments, as well as face to face.

Quick stats

  • Who's it for? People aged 55 and over. For couples wanting 'mirror wills', only one of you needs to be over 55.

  • When is it? Every March and October.

  • Where is it available? Full details below.

  • Who writes the will? A solicitor.

  • Donation asked for? You'll be asked to leave money to a charity in your will ('a bequest'). Typically people leave about £300 – but the decision is yours.

How the scheme works

Free Wills Month covers simple wills for individuals or 'mirror wills' for couples (in that case, only one of you needs to be over 55). If your affairs are complex, for example, you have children from a previous relationship or property overseas, your solicitor is likely to ask you to pay something to cover the extra time they spend writing your will. The solicitor you use may offer to store your will at no extra charge. You'll also have the option to register your will (to make it easy for your family to find it) for free via Certainty – the National Will Register (usually costing £30). The solicitor will give you details on this. Free Wills Month is popular, and appointments are limited by the number of wills each solicitor is happy to write under the scheme – so don't delay booking your appointment.

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